Join the Syllabi Cohort

The syllabi cohort helps elevate the #SmartBrownGirl Book Club and produce content that ensures a diverse range of knowledge bases can participate in every track of reading. 

We don’t just announce monthly readings. We create reading aides and provides the tools that makes this a truly inclusive endeavor. Our focus is on making reading accessible. 

Interested in joining the cohort? Fill out the form below. We are currently looking for queer and differently abled members to join, though all identities are welcome to apply.

*Cohort members are offered paid commissions for any content they produce. 

Cohort Duties

  • Assist with picking readings for all reading tracks 
  • Organize sectional readings for Exploration Track, which largely consists of scholarly text.
  • Draft syllabi that are thoughtful, coherent and deeply engaging for the monthly readings
  • Facilitate book/author chats 


What are we looking for in members?

Cohort members are not required to participate in all facets of the book club. If you have a strength in one arena but not the other, we welcome your participation. 

  • Thoughtful and compassionate
  • Scholarly research experience in literature, social theory or history. 
  • Comfortable speaking to an audience and speaking on camera.